“My life really started to turn around when I took the time to look deeply inside myself. Once I learned how to listen to my heart, my life shifted profoundly.”
– Getting to the Heart of Stress.

Be The Change Live Event

BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world…

This dynamic seminar is for women only and is all about you discovering your life purpose and living your dreams. You will be taken through 5 steps of my ‘Be the Change Blueprint’ so you can Love Life!

Be the Change you want to see in the world. There’s a new woman in the world and it’s YOU. She’s connected to her heart and embraces vulnerability as a strength. By living on a path of heart, she’s changing the world with crystal-clear purpose and creative energy. She’s deeply connected to herself and others. It’s the woman who says, “Yes, I am vulnerable, but I am also brave”.

Be the woman who follows her heart and creates the life she wants. Who makes a difference and leaves an awesome legacy for future generations. Who is tired of waiting and wants to BE THE CHANGE.

What if there is no magic secret, lottery win, government, employer or universe that’s going to bring you everything you want but instead there’s a much better and more reliable method! You can create your own life, on your path of heart starting right now.

If you are fed up with hoping for things to magically change and ready to live an authentic heart-based and creative life, then contact me feel free to contact me for a chat to ensure this special seminar will offer you what you are after in your life. or 0438 602 208


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Getting to the Heart of Stress – one day workshop


Is stress an issue for you? No time to play?  Feeling time poor? Is it all work, work, work? Maybe you get home from work and then have to do more work? Do you want to relax but when you finally stop have no idea how to switch off?

Would you like to feel more peaceful and at ease?

Margie has delivered workshops to thousands of people over the last two decades. This workshop uses the materials from her book ‘Getting to the Heart of Stress’ to inspire, educate and motivate participants to recognise and harness good stress while learning how to reduce or eliminate harmful stress.

In plain language, stress is a biological term which refers to the body as it responds to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.  Stress is the autonomic response to a stimulus. Our brains are set up to assess threat and enter into alarm without taking the time to consciously think it all through, which is really helpful if a lion is chasing you but not so useful when you’re trying to juggle the demands of your family, the demands of your job and your boss or you’re worried about a loved one or your own health.

A great metaphor for life with regards to stress is the roller coaster ride.  Some people feel terrified and out of control.  They sit up the back, close their eyes, hang on for grim death and generally resist the experience. Some people looked distracted and pretend they don’t really care.  Others take the front seat and revel in the excitement with arms in the air!  Yet it is the same ride… The ride is not inherently ‘stressful’.  Stress is measured by the individual perception of each passenger.

ladies rollercoasterAnd so it is in Life. If you could your perception of the stressful circumstances in your life how would your life change?

This workshop teaches you how to calm the storm inside your nervous system. You will learn some emergency first aid for stressful situations and will also be introduced to practices for lifelong stress relief. This workshop has been developed for you to enrich your life and relationships, starting with the relationship you have with the most important person in your life… yourself.

The workshop delivers a basic understanding of the neuroscience of stress as well as offering research based techniques to quickly, easily and effectively calm the nervous system. These simple exercises and tools, when practiced regularly, have been proven to raise people’s happiness ‘set point’ and significantly enhance their resilience and enjoyment of life even in the midst of challenges.

Margie brings the practices from her book ‘Getting to the Heart of Stress’ to life so that  you will leave the workshop feeling confident about how to meditate easily, approach and manage difficult feeling states and integrate heart based practices into both your professional and personal life.

Workshops are offered on a regular basis. Please register here for upcoming workshops.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ―Rumi

Workshops are offered on a regular basis.

Please register here for an upcoming workshop.

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Phenomenal Woman Retreat

Women… we come in all shapes, colours and sizes and we are all different and beautiful in our own unique ways. We also feel tired and worn out and can be so hard on ourselves. I want to support you to recharge your batteries and rediscover your unique and colour-full soul and gorgeous vitality.

So I have created a beautiful, sensual and connected retreat for women only at Killcare Beach for the Phenomenal Woman that you truly are.

We will be meditating, laughing, dancing, walking on the beach, dreaming in rainbow colours, doing yoga in the mornings and enjoying periods of silence… and most of all remembering that we are beautiful women with so much love to give, receive and enjoy. You will leave uplifted, nourished and full of joy.

To honour the spirit of community and true service to others, you will be asked to bring the ingredients and to prepare (and serve with love) one meal each over the weekend. (It would have added another $150 – $200 each for catering so I hope you like my creative way around keeping the cost down!) You will receive a menu to choose from. Accommodation will be in a stunning beach house and numbers will be limited.

Here is an excerpt from the beautiful poem that inspired the name of this weekend.

Phenomenal Woman

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. 
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size 
But when I start to tell them, 
They think I’m telling lies. 
I say, 
It’s in the reach of my arms, 
The span of my hips, 
The stride of my step, 
The curl of my lips. 
I’m a woman 
Phenomenal woman, 
That’s me.

Phenomenal Woman Retreat

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Path of Heart – One day workshop

path of Heart” When the stories of our life no longer bind us, we discover within them something greater. We discover that within the very limitations of form, of our maleness and femaleness, of our parenthood and our childhood, of gravity on the earth and the changing of the seasons, is the freedom and harmony we have sought for so long. Our individual life is an expression of the whole mystery, and in it we can rest in the center of the movement, the center of all worlds.”
― Jack Kornfield

The Heartnicity Method is about maintaining and returning to the ‘homeostasis’ stage consistently.  It’s about coming home to a state of equilibrium so that your ‘set point’ in life is repeatedly recalibrated to the state of relaxed aliveness. When we start to live life from this place the issue which quickly emerges is that we have choice. Each day when we engage the world we have to choose what to do.

Where previously in our lives we’ve been driven by a variety of “shoulds”  the freedom to make this choice can actually be quite daunting.  What do I really want to do? If you didn’t have to pay the bills, if all the responsibilities we have were magically taken care of what would we do?

Join Margie to explore your purpose in life and learn the tools to help you make this choice.

Purpose is not only one of the most over-used concepts in the realm of personal development but it is the starting point for any truly meaningful life. Every self help guru rightly emphasizes the overriding importance of a sense of purpose. However, it is often presented in such a way as to suggest that there is some special trick to unlocking a secretly encoded message that we each carry around inside us and that without “the key” we can never unlock its hidden meaning.

This notion of a mystical sense of meaning conferred by Purpose with a capital “P” can be very frustrating for those whose “secret inner truth” remains stubbornly locked or hidden and so have settle for the somewhat vague notion of  “to make a difference.”

In this workshop Margie will show how your own life experience gives you a unique and self defining a sense of purpose the trick is to make meaning out of those experiences.

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