Heartnicity: creating meaning from everyday experience
through the intelligence of the heart.

Are you yearning for more freedom to choose how you live your life? Like many people, I imagine you feel torn between what your heart knows you want and the social expectations you encounter every day.

Society, the media and the expectations of the other people in our lives tell us what we should eat, wear, earn and weigh and also how we should look, love, live and behave.  These many and varied expectations may leave you feeling like you are failing to live a ‘successful’ life: whatever that is!

On top of that, we are then discouraged from admitting to feeling stressed or overwhelmed when we fail to meet these impossible standards…yet stressed, depressed or overwhelmed is exactly how many people are feeling.

I have observed that the people who handle stress better, have easier lives.  Those people have more freedom to choose and live by their own standards, naturally and with ease.  Stress is at the heart of most people’s problems.

For most of my adult life I’ve worked with, studied and learned from some of the most amazing teachers and over the years I’ve arrived at an understanding.

It is better to have taken your own path in life: to have chosen rather than to languish in blame, sorrow or self pity. Taking action from the perspective of awareness and acceptance is the basic method for handling the stress of modern life.

My mission is to support you to learn how to live on what I call a path of heart. I have created Heartnicity.com as a vehicle to inspire, educate and motivate you to master living on your own path of heart with meaning, purpose, peace and love.

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I’m interested to hear your stories.

I’ll send you a free download of the e-book, Getting to the Heart of Stress if you send me a true story that demonstrates the two ideas that I’ve linked together to create the word Heartnicity: Synchronicity and the Heart.

I would welcome any story big or small about a time when you made a choice form your heart’s knowing. When you felt truly connected to your self and things worked out or a moment of synchronicity that amazed an inspired you.

Oh, and let me know if you’re willing to share your story with others on this website and on social media.

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