In 2015 I went into a spiral of worry about money, about my health, about my relationship with my husband, about my career and about life in general. I was teetering on the edge of an emotional bottomless pit and my whole life seemed to be moving in a downward vortex of depression and anxiety which both came knocking in a serious way and since then I have relearned how to Love Life!



As a psychotherapist and teacher, I knew the answer wasn’t about the external circumstances, though Goddess knows I wanted to change them.

I went back to therapy and through the love and support of a wonderful therapist, I came to recognise that fundamentally, I felt stressed out all the time. The causes of the stress were ‘real’ enough but I needed to understand why I felt so helpless and such a victim to the ravages of stress both mentally and physically.

My blog is for women. I love men, but I reckon most of my followers are phenomenal women who are seekers and want to feel competent, happy and balanced. You want to manage the stresses of everyday life like motherhood, being a partner, being single, working like crazy and keeping all the balls in the air and have an interest in living a conscious life, feeling full of joy, living in a way that values others and most importantly yourself. You make responsible, sustainable choices that benefit both humanity and planet earth. and can genuinely and authentically say I “Love Life!” (yes there will a t-shirt or more likely an organic cotton Yoga singlet)

I choose not to accept that this is “as good as it gets” and I never will. I want to keep growing until the day I die (which is approaching faster than I would like lol). I have always wanted answers, so when life turned to shit, I set out to re-design my life from the ground up. What that meant was I had to essentially re-design myself.

Since I launched Heartnicity in 2015 and publishing Getting to the Heart of Stress, I have presented a range of workshops and retreats  to support other women, given up alcohol, taken up yoga, completely changed my diet, lost 18 kilos and reached a new level of intimacy with my life partner.

In the process I’ve crystallised all I’ve learnt from many years as a therapist and educator into a simple 3 step method called The Heartnicity Method and I’m going to share with you what it’s like to put that into practice. I invite you into my life to see how I approach the stressful environments of 21st century living with Awareness, Acceptance and making heart-based choices and Action that keep me living on my Path of Heart.

I have had so much pleasure rediscovering my love of fashion, beauty and all the other ‘Toys of Life’ stuff and really feel good about my self-image again. I am on a beautiful and delightful path of self-care…

So, would you like to join me? Then just subscribe to my YouTube channel! I will be uploading every Saturday.

I plan to explore the Big Questions like:

What’s the point if we’re all going to die anyway? Will I ever be happy? How do I manage stress well? What’s in the way of me Loving Life? Can I love clothes, makeup and shopping and still be spiritual? What is glowing good health? and how do I get me some?

Here are some words that capture what I’m all about!

Conscious, Natural, Organic, Education, Mindful, Cutting Edge, Science,  Neuroscience, Reality, Authentic, Joy, Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition, Fashion, Beauty, Healthy Ageing, Books, Blogs, Technology, Spirituality, Duality, Remarkable Women, Health, Friends, Lovers, Personal Development, Fun, Leisure, Sex After 50, Celibacy, Travel, Finances, Freedom, Plants, Family, Sanctuary, Gorgeous Clothes, Beautiful Bed Linen, Feminism, Body Image, Growing Organic Stuff, Making Natural Stuff, Smelling Adorable Stuff, Connecting With Others, The Wisdom Of Women, Walking Barefoot, Sand Between My Toes, Salt Air, Mountains, Australian Bush, Love, Solitude and Big Naps.

I’m going to be interviewing women who are aligned with me and discovering what motivates them. I’ve got some gorgeous product ideas to share with you and maybe even some giveaways on the horizon, so we can all feel just a bit more adored and nurtured.

There will be live events, retreats, webinars, video logs and links to great stuff I find out about that I think you might love too!

I want you to feel inspired to grow, educated to know and motivated to glow…

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The video log on my YouTube page is part of the new incarnation of my inner Boggess so I have cleared the history and as a result, YouTube is a bit sparse, but I will be adding regularly.

I really believe you can love your life more as you travel on your path and I look forward to sharing with you how I have done this and how you can too.

Love, kisses, hugs and masses of gratitude to you for reading until the end. As my dear friend Mirva says “Love you, Love you, Love you!”

Margie xoxo