Introducing the Heartnicity Method

Getting to the Heart of Stress: Introducing the Heartnicity Method.

Getting to the Heart of Stress with The Heartnicity Method provides a practical guide using everyday stories from my own life experiences as a woman, wife, mother, therapist, writer, public speaker and teacher.

The Heartnicity Method introduces AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE and ACTION as foundation skills that underpin a conscious and joyful way of living well.

So what is Heartnicity? When I was looking for a word to describe my work I couldn’t find one that meant bringing love and meaning together so I made a word up that combined heart (love, emotion, strength) with synchronicity (making meaning from experience). Heartnicity is about making meaning through the intelligence of the heart.

This book is about creating a positive response to life and living with an understanding of yourself that enables you to get out of bed each day with a sense of meaning, purpose and profound joy secure in the knowledge that whatever challenges you face, you’ll have some strategies in your tool kit to meet them creatively and consciously.

It is full of practices that will equip you with useful tools for living so that you can live each day with less distress and more optimism and joy. These practices are aimed at assisting you recognise, reduce and manage the symptoms of harmful stress while mobilising the energy available from dynamic, motivating stress.

From a more contented state of being, you can choose heart based action that lights you up and gives vibrancy and meaning to your life.

Getting to the Heart of Stress explains, in simple terms, the science of changing your brain via ‘neuroplasticity’ so that you can learn how to use your mind to change your entire nervous system. Your nervous system is plastic and just like plasticine… you can reshape it and create new and more peaceful ways of functioning. You can literally retrain a stressed out nervous system to relax. You can teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks.

With great respect and gratitude, I have drawn inspiration from the experiences of many wonderful clients and course participants I have been privileged to meet and serve along the way as a therapist and teacher of personal development and psycho-educational programs. These are ordinary people like you and me who have transformed their lives using the practices outlined in this book.

Through my own life and by working with these amazing, courageous people, I recognised that in our modern world, we often experience both debilitating stress and a subsequent loss of meaning. “What’s it all about?” is a common lament as we drag ourselves out of bed to meet another ‘groundhog’ day.

You don’t have to settle for this. I know that it is possible to reduce and manage harmful stress and start enjoying the benefits of good stress and lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

How do I know? Because I have used every practice in this book to change my own life. Am I perfect? Of course not but I have way more control over my choices nowadays which is incredibly liberating and fulfilling. I love more easily and I let love in without resistance. Opening my heart has changed my life forever.

This book is offered to you so that you might make positive, self loving changes in your life too and so contribute to global consciousness along with me through the practices of developing personal inner peace and love.

Before you start on this journey with me, take a moment and ask yourself this question. “Would  I like more peace, acceptance and meaning in my life?” If the answer is yes then please read Getting to the Heart of Stress because it has been written just for you.

With love



“I always look upon Margie as a gift of light that was meant to have been in my life, that came in at the divine timing and for me that’s just the tip if the iceberg!  I use the tools she taught me to this day while on ‘this path with heart”.


Client - 2015

Margie has been a constant source of inspiration to me. Her wit, humour, honesty and humility are apparent in Getting to the Heart of Stress. It captures the essence of her teaching style.  Her down to earth wisdom and conversational style make this a must-read for anyone seeking a more conscious and peaceful life.


Life Partner and Editor

This is an easy book to read and yet you will emerge feeling educated about your brain, neuroplasticity and how the brain and mind work together. You’ll learn the simple steps of awareness, acceptance and action to change the habitual ways in which your mind and brain may have been operating … […] it is immensely practical and it is written by someone who knows that change is possible!


Author, Teacher, Leader