Find your lost keys every time!

 Want to learn how to find your keys, wallet or phone easily?

In my book Getting to the Heart of Stress  I have developed The Heartnicity Method which uses Awareness Acceptance and action to support you to live a conscious, joyful life on purpose.

With this in mind…I have an Awareness practice for you for eliminating and managing stress. over one specific area of your life.

Finding misplaced stuff!

Have you ever lost your keys inside the house? Who hasn’t? How about your wallet? Your phone? Your glasses? Are they on your head? The note with that important phone number you need? Or how about your handbag, charger or iPad? The list goes on doesn’t it?

Have you every stressed out about this? Running to get out the door? Need to be somewhere? Ahh!!

I used to spend so much time searching and searching and then cursing myself and stressing out over where I had put things plus it always happened when I most needed the thing!! Grrr. It was so frustrating!

This little awareness practice means that this rarely happens to me these days. Here it is.

  1. When you put the item down consciously look at where you are placing it
  2. Say the name of the item out loud. For example, “keys”

This implants the memory in both visual and spatial memory making it more likely to be recalled later. It is especially good if you put something down in an unusual place. I use it at home all the time but it’s especially useful if I am at someone else’s home or office or if I leave something in an odd spot.

  1. When you go to look later say the word out loud again “keys”

This stimulates the neural pathway that you locked in place with the language and the image.

I recently left my phone on the laundry window sill to prevent it from accidentally falling in the tub and I knew this was an odd spot to put it. So I did the thing … said out loud, “phone” and clocked where I put it. Sure enough two hours later when I went to check my phone, it was not in my bag or any of the usual places and I thought to myself, as you do, “where is it”?

Instantly the neural network sprang into action with the image of where I had left my phone appeared in my mind. Easy!

I have found this little strategy to be a fantastic stress management tool in terms of reducing the frustration and pressure that comes when I’m frantically looking for something. I hope you find it useful too. Let me know how you go.

Awareness is the first step in the Heartnicity Method.  You can buy a hard copy of my book at or follow the link Getting to the Heart of Stress .

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I look forward to sharing with you again soon.  Love, kisses, hugs and masses of gratitude to you for being you.


Margie xoxo