Be The Change Live Event

BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world…

This dynamic seminar is for women only and is all about you discovering your life purpose and living your dreams. You will be taken through 5 steps of my ‘Be the Change Blueprint’ so you can Love Life!

Be the Change you want to see in the world. There’s a new woman in the world and it’s YOU. She’s connected to her heart and embraces vulnerability as a strength. By living on a path of heart, she’s changing the world with crystal-clear purpose and creative energy. She’s deeply connected to herself and others. It’s the woman who says, “Yes, I am vulnerable, but I am also brave”.

Be the woman who follows her heart and creates the life she wants. Who makes a difference and leaves an awesome legacy for future generations. Who is tired of waiting and wants to BE THE CHANGE.

What if there is no magic secret, lottery win, government, employer or universe that’s going to bring you everything you want but instead there’s a much better and more reliable method! You can create your own life, on your path of heart starting right now.

If you are fed up with hoping for things to magically change and ready to live an authentic heart-based and creative life, then contact me feel free to contact me for a chat to ensure this special seminar will offer you what you are after in your life.

About the workshop.

We will work through my 5 step Be the Change blueprint.

 1. Generate awareness using the Conscious Creator Method

2. Surrender  to life using the Acceptance Process

3. Explore your life purpose with the Path of Heart Process

4. Commit to self-care and self-compassion with the Self-Love Project

5. Construct your Radiant Life Plan

 Come and hang out with a bunch of gorgeous women. Laugh, dance and discover your joy! or 0438 602 208